Hossein Forouzandeh

Film & Stage Actor



Take a journey through this living portfolio for just a taste of brilliance…


This CoorsTek Reenactment Teaser is only a sample reel from retelling the true story of an ambitious Italian Journalist finding himself in the grips of the Taliban in Afghanistan, his life being saved by the ballistic vest he previously neglected to don.

John Pauly is a fantastically talented director, cinematographer, and producer who always makes me look so good!!!  This was an especially fun shoot with superstar cast-members.  It’s easy to have fun when everyone on set is a professional who knows how to get things done! -HF

We Do Monsters follows Malcolm Martin, a once humble makeup salesmen, retires his business to become a monster hunter for hire after unleashing a flood of monsters. Now Malcolm must face Zombies, other monster hunters, and Bigfoot himself to save his town from the threat he created.

My first web series!!! One of the most fun projects I’ve had the honor in which to take part. I am featured in this episode from 2:40-4:15 – Enjoy! -HF

Posters of the past